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Relative to the Observer
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This work was inspired by the thought experiment of Albert Einstein were he tried to imagined the consequences of riding on a photon of light. He realised that for the traveller, time at his point of departure would stand still. (Light carrying the information of the passage of time could never catch up with him). This was to lead him to his special theory of relativity.

A consequence of this experiment is the confirmation that every observers view of the universe is uniquely their own. I find this uplifting, (and it explains why nobody understands you!!).

To celebrate this I created a shape then made that same shape in a variety of different media. Three sculptures, one in wood, another in stainless steel, and the last in Italian waterglass. The shape was also produced in numbers by creating a spreadsheet with the coordinates that described the shape. From this data my daughter, Rachel, who conveniently happens to be a composer, created a sound sculptue. Finally the shape was described by the written word in a small book that accompanied the show.