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This idea was put together by the artist, Deirdre McKenna and myself and as the worked progressed many other artists were drawn into the plot. The idea was to give each artist, 23 in all, an unmarked A4 envelope into which each artist was to put at least one photograph of themselves plus any other information or small items that described the sort of person they were (or thought they were!) The filled envelopes were then distributed at random among the artists ensuring nobody received their own information, and they were sent away to create a work based on the contents of the envelope and instructed that nobody was to be told who their subject was.

After some three months, the work was gathered in by the curator, Susan Landers, who put together an exhibition of the work in Dingle, Co. Kerry.

The artists were not allowed in to the exhibition space until the opening night when they got there first view of the results.

The show was a resounding success both in the quality of the work and the number of visitors it attracted.

The same group of artists, plus a few new recruits, are planning another show for 2009. Watch this space for details.