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Gregory Peck Award
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I was honoured to be invited by the Dingle Film Festival in conjunction with the family of Gregory Peck to produce an award to be presented to a some recipient for services to the Irish Film industry. Gregory Peck had close family ties to Dingle and would be a regular visitor to the town. To portray the connection I used some rolls of 35mm film with images from 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' on each frame. These I enclosed in a glass cylinder made by the Killarney glass craftsman, Terrance McSweeney. The glass had the name ,Gregory Peck, in lower case lettering and ogham symbols (using the phonetic sound of each symbol) sand blasted into the surface. The ends of the cylinder were closed using local stone pieces made by my good friend and stone carver, Antonio Fazio. The recipient turned out to be the actor, Gabrielle Byrne. A good night was had by all at the presentation!!! My thanks to Maurice Galway, the director of the film festival, for the commission.