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The Men of Ventry
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This was a collaboration with television producer, Brenda O'Sullivan, graphic designer Jindra Stanek, writer, bookbinder, and curator, Sandra Landers, and composer Rachel Holstead based on a series of television programmes that are being made about the 'Men of Ventry'. My part was a sculpture, 'The Ventry Egg'. The thrust of the collaboration was to tell the story of the unique collection of menfolk who live in Ventry. The is an unusual concentration of creativity in the parish and the older men who were born and reared have great memories of times past and are well able to put those memories into the spoken word or print. Add to this a mix of visual artists, musicians, composers, writers, television producers and directors who have chosen to make this tiny parish their home and you have an extremely vibrant community. And by the way, it looks very beautiful too. I had somehow to portray all of this in one sculpture. I decided on an egg as the vehicle that delivers all that is special about the place. The geography of Ventry lends itself to the shape. It is surrounded on half its boundary by mountains and the other half by sea with Ventry Harbour taking centre stage. On the inside of the egg I sculpted and painted a topological impression of the parish by modyfying images from Google Earth so that they sat on the inner surface of the egg. Though the projections of the field shapes, roads, etc. had to be adjusted to suit the inner egg shape , I tried to portray them as accurately as I could. Clip from the movie can be seen by going to the following link.